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Live Karaoke Band at Abbey Road Studios

Live Karaoke Band at Abbey Road Studios

The Live Karaoke Band and Hainesnet join forces to make the ultimate team building event.

A truly iconic symbol both in the British and worldwide music scene, Abbey Road Studios have been at the heart of the UK music industry for more than 75 years and home to countless landmark recordings and pioneering advances in recording techniques, equipment and technology.

Live Karaoke Band and Hainesnet teamed up to provide a fantastic and unique experience that allowed employees of ComVort to play and record at Abbet Road Studios, even those with no previous musical experience. It was a uniting experience that not only required close team work but also through performance created a level playing that broke boundaries, encouraged fun and developed confidence and group interaction.

Participants described the event as “achieving the impossible” and “fantastic, a dream. Nothing can ever top that.”

Live Karaoke Band musicians have a wealth of experience in private lessons, schools and further education, and also playing as a band for such clients as Cadbury, Epson and Sega. This experience allowed the band members to teach effortlessly and with clear direction.

The day was split into two sections – instrumental tuition and then group rehearsal and performance.

The instrumental tuition took place in groups split by instrument (drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals) and the tutor offered an introduction to the instrument/music notation, followed by one-on-one guidance on the parts required for the performance. The rock band experience is supposed to be enjoyable, fun and inclusive so a relaxed and welcoming approach was adopted by the tutors throughout.

The songs for the band to perform were carefully chosen and arranged to allow complete beginners the opportunity to learn simple parts that contribute to the band performing an authentic version of a pop classic. The audio for the performance was also recorded and presented back on CD as a record of the day.

The final part of the day was a show from Live Karaoke Band and you can now listen online to the entire bandaoke set from Abbey Road Studio 1 courtesy to Joe Marsh.

For further information regarding the Abbey Road experience please contact:

Philip Haines
Hainesnet Ltd
T: 020 8123 2204
E: philip@hainesnet.com

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Bauer Media Group

We booked the Live Karaoke Band for our annual Christmas party to change it up this year and this is exactly what the band did. The staff all loved being able to sing-a-long with a live band. I think they could have kept going all night.  Their repertoire of songs was excellent, we had everyone...