Heidi and Ian

Live Karaoke Band

Heidi and Ian

We should be thanking you... you were all brilliant!

I hope you had a good time. We certainly did! Lots of people commented on how good you were and how much you joined in the school disco theme, especially with the uniform.

The karaoke was great, loved the fact that there weren’t ridiculous amounts to choose from which takes all night to get people to decide and you were brilliant at pointing out where the hell we were in the words and encouraging by singing yourselves, but holding back when the person was on a roll!

We loved the sets you did, the last one really did finish on a high with Don’t Stop Me Now... was very emotional actually for a lot of people... start of the next era in our lives, nothing will stop us from trying to get the best out of life, etc. And we loved the arms swaying Hey Jude as an encore.

You were chilled, nothing seemed to phase you, and a lot of the men fancied your lead girl!

What more could a band provide?

Best wishes

Heidi and Ian